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Speech Therapy

Various conditions and disorders can impact speech and swallowing. Speech therapy can often help in the treatment. Conditions and disorders we can treat include:

  • 5Developmental delays
  • 5Neurological events/diseases
  • 5Head/neck cancer
  • 5Illnesses like stroke, Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis

Signs of potential speech disorders include stuttering, elongated speech, jerking movements in conversation, and difficulty conveying ideas. Speech pathologists will use many methods to treat these symptoms.

The speech therapists goal is to enhance speech and vocal quality or to provide alternative communications methods to express your thoughts and feelings. Speech therapists can also help you improve the swallowing function.

As part of your treatment, you will learn various therapies to cultivate better speech practices. These therapies may include:

  • 5Neuromuscular re-education for vocal and swallowing muscles
  • 5Activities to support communication abilities, including conversation practice
  • 5Cognitive language techniques like problem solving, memory, and organization